Ok, so you have created your Amazon promotion and setup your Landing Page Promoter campaign. Now what? How do you get potential customer's to land on your page, enter their email and buy your product.

There are two main methods you can use to drive traffic to your Landing Page Promoter landing page:

1. Via a website/asset you control

Some of our users have their own external websites that already generates traffic. This could be a YouTube channel, blog, social media following, email list, Amazon Affiliate's site etc. 

When running promotions, instead of using direct linking to Amazon replace your link with your Landing Page Promoter page. This will allow you to capture the potential customer's email, provide them incentive with a coupon and pre-sell them before they land on your Amazon product page.

If you don't own any assets related to your products don't worry, there is another method you can use!

2. Via paid advertising (paid traffic)

The next way to get users to your Landing Page Promoter page is to use paid advertising. A word of warning. Many people will try advertising for the first time, spend a small amount of money, get no results and give up. 

You will never get anywhere doing this. Learning how to drive traffic online is one of the most in demand skills and is incredibly valuable to your business, but it is definitely not easy.

You have to spend money and it might take some time to make your campaign profitable. Many sellers are happy with breaking even as they think of it as acquiring customer's for free and giving their Amazon product a rankings boost. Remember, many businesses will pay several dollars just to get the contact information of a customer!

As far as what platform to use, we recommend Facebook to start with (unless you have experience with other platforms). It has hundreds of millions of users and their targeting options are second to none. You can even export your current Amazon customer's information and build a Facebook Custom Audience (and even a Lookalike audience!).

Advertising on Facebook takes some time to learn. We have some posts on our blog: (https://landingpagepromoter.com/blog/facebook-ads/) but we plan to bring out a video tutorial series very soon so please stay tuned!


The beauty of this strategy is you are acquiring real customers that you can continue market to. Many other launch techniques are just designed to manipulate Amazon's rankings and are not ideal strategies for building a long term profitable business.