AMZPromoter allows the creation of chatbot campaigns that will send out promo codes via a Facebook Chatbot conversation.

In order to make the complete funnel work, you will need to connect an additional service that will handle the chatbot part of your sales funnel.

We recommend SellerChatBot, which is designed for distributing promo codes specifically for Amazon sellers, and works together seamlessly with AMZPromoter.

Click here to sign up to their service.

Below are the instructions to setup an entire funnel with AMZPromoter and SellerChatBot:

Step 1: Sign up to SellerChatBot

Click here to sign up to their service.

Step 2: Click 'Create a new bot', and pick a name

Step 3: Enter a welcome message, and any other conversation text

This screen allows you to customise how your chatbot will behave. You can add any kind of text, images, and various elements to your chat conversation. For this guide, we will keep things simple and only include some text.

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